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Zee Bangla Serial Title Song | Seema Rekha | সিমা রেখা সিরিয়াল

Seema Rekha
Today I will show you Seema serial This song by Zee Bangla Serial Seema Rekha. Seemarekha Zee Bangla Serial Title Song Lyrics with video Simarekha is a daily television soap Bengali drama aired on Zee Bangla. Starring Indrani Haldar playing the main female lead role in this serial as Seema And Rekha. The main focus is on the twin sisters' journey of a different disposition and how two twin sisters marrying the two brothers Seema gets married to a wealthy businessman Sitangshu, On the other hand, Rekha leads a life with her alcoholic husband.
Serial Name: Seemarekha
Directed By: Suman Das & Amit Das
Presented by: Surinder Singh & Nispal Singh
Music & Lyrics: Joy Sarkar & Srijato

Seemarekha Serial Cast:

Indrani Haldar as Sima (Simontini Guha Roy)
Indrani Haldar as Rooprekha
Debdut Ghosh as Sitangshu
Badshah Moitra

Seemarekha Zee Bangla Serial Title Song Lyrics:

Eki to chokher chaowa
Alada se drishti
E jodi pagol hawa
Taar chadey brishti
Chena chena laage shur
Bhalobasha tobu dur
Ki jani ache pothe lekha
Kothao ki konodin
Milbe Seemarekha
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